Brains, 2004

These CAT scans, taken of my father's brain, are part of a series of 10. Originally each image was two inches square on a black background with text relating to the patient overlaid. I removed this background, as well as the text, in Photoshop after high resolution scanning. At this point I digitally placed new text in the folds of the brain. The text, random thoughts I had while constructing the piece, wandered through the crevices of his brain, in a symbolic melding of our thoughts. Each was image was then printed on 11"x17" acetate, and laminated on glass sheets using UV reactive glue. I constructed an oak frame for the images and then each was placed in front of each other. Depending on the angle of the viewer, it appears as though one is looking three-dimensionally through the brain.

brain1 brain2 brain3